Shakti Empowerment Solutions (SES) is a for-profit social enterprise organisation, registered in India. Our vision is to create economically viable programs that improve the lives of Indians, especially the disadvantaged, and build stronger communities. We do this through partnerships with a range of organisations.


Our Vision

We believe entrepreneurship can be a powerful way to promote economic and social progress among poorer Indians. Self-sustaining projects that create jobs not only remove the need for ongoing, outside funding but also set up employees for a progressive way of working and living.

SES’s founders have organised development projects in rural India for several years through their non-profit United for Hope. In response to this work, we decided to establish SES to further the development of social enterprises in these communities.

Our Work

SES’s activities are undertaken with a view toward societal development and empowerment. These include:

  • Establishing public utility projects
  • Launching financially viable businesses for basic products and services
  • Catalysing rural employment
  • Creating markets for new types of 'social-impact' products
  • Setting up services that deliver economic and social benefits to low-income consumers in remote areas

SES works with social impact investors, socially minded manufacturers, state-level distributors and local vendors to make affordable social-impact products and services available to a network of communities and rural entrepreneurs. We provide business training and sales tools to help business people succeed, and plan and execute regional marketing campaigns to demonstrate the economic and social value that these new products deliver.